Address: 33161 PR 210 West, Ste. Anne, MB.           Phone Number: 204-422-8344        Hour: 8 AM – 8 PM (7 days a week)


See some of our happy campers that booked their dog boarding stay near Winnipeg at Waldenway Canine & Kitty Camp. Look through the dog kennel facility where your pooch will be staying.

About Our Dog Boarding Facility Near Winnipeg

Each of our 13 grassy yards are landscaped to drain the water away so there is no sitting water. The yards are continuously cleaned up to keep everything clean & healthy. The grass is cut as needed to keep it short, and any leaves or twigs are picked up routinely. An underground irrigation system waters the grass each night, which washes away urine residue & keeps the grass clean and healthy.

Each bunkhouse is outfitted with a raised hammock type cot, which is comfortable & durable, as well as a mat in front of the doggy door. The interior of our dog kennel is clad with Satin Finish Sheeting & painted with automotive paint. This makes the surface of the walls as scratch resistant as possible, and easy to clean! The floors throughout the facility are ceramic tiles and are sealed to prevent the absorption of urine.

Each bunk is cleaned throughout the campers stay as needed, and in between each new camper staying with us to make sure that each area of the bunk is sanitized & disinfected.

Our pressure washer system is used to clean both the dog runs as well as the beds & mats for each bunkhouse. The exterior of the buildings has concrete floors with a smooth commercial sealant finish to prevent dogs from wearing their pads & nails. The concrete outside makes it easy to pressure wash each run to keep it clean & tidy for the pups staying at camp! Each of the runs are gradually sloped away from the building allowing easy drainage while pressure washing. Separating each run outside is commercial grade chain link fence so that dogs cannot chew through their run.

The exterior runs are covered over with a clear corrugated material which allows the sunlight to pass through but prevents the rain from getting each dog wet! This in turn minimizes the dogs from getting hot spots or sores caused by high moisture & also keeps the runs clear from snow during the winter months

Waldenway’s dog kennel facility is a short 30 minute drive east of Winnipeg. We even offer pet shuttling service if you need your pet picked up or dropped off. Book your stay with us, we look forward to meeting you and your pet and welcoming the new and returning campers with a smile.