Address: 33161 PR 210 West, Ste. Anne, MB.           Phone Number: 204-422-8344        Hour: 8 AM – 8 PM (7 days a week)


At Waldenway, we’re more than a pet boarding facility, we’re a home away from home for your pet. While you’re away we want to make it as easy on you and your pet as possible, which is why we offer extra play times, pet shuttle service, and grooming, all while you’re on vacation or on that important business trip.

Shuttle Van

Whether you’re from Ste. Anne, Steinbach, Lorette, or Winnipeg looking for pet boarding, our shuttle van runs in the morning to the city and surrounding areas between the hours of 7:30am to 10am Monday to Saturday. Doesn’t matter if it is raining, snowing, or if the sun is shining! If you are in a hurry and don’t have time to pick up or drop off your pets, we’d be more than happy to do it for you! We also do airport runs as requested!


In addition to the four 20 minute yard times, we offer additional playtimes if your pooch or kitty has lots of extra energy or needs some extra loving. These one on one sessions with a staff member can be done as often as you’d like!

We have a pond that is open seasonally, so that your dogs can enjoy a cool off while playing fetch! Nature walks are done around the property and by the beach using a martingale collar and leash. This is a great activity for dogs who love to explore and smell everything! We also have an enclosed kitty stroller should you want your cat to have some outdoor time as well.

If your pooch loves to run and chase after toys, we can play fetch or tug of war with them in our fenced in playtimes yard! Burn all those extra calories so they sleep good at night! We can use their favourite toy if you bring it or use a variety of toys from our toy bin!

A good ol’ belly rub and cuddle session never hurt anyone ♥ If your doggie or kitty just wants some loving & extra special attention, sign them up!


For more information on grooming during your pets boarding stay, visit our grooming page or let us know when booking your pet’s reservation.