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Dog Kennel Questions Answered

Dog owners, especially those checking out Waldenway for the first time are looking to ensure that the Dog Kennel their pet will be staying in are healthy, safe and fun for their furry friends. We make every effort to make sure your dog has great stay with Waldenway and we are happy to provide some answers to specific questions dog owners have about their pet’s stay with us.

What size of kennel bunkhouse will my dog be boarding in?

  • Our medium and large bunkhouses are 5′ x 6′ indoors and 5′ x 16′ outdoors. The large bunkhouses feature bigger doggy doors.
  • Our small bunkhouses are 3′ x 7′ indoors and 3′ x 8′ outdoors.

What should I send with my dog?

You are welcome to send along anything you’d like, although you don’t have to send anything at all. Every dog and puppy are comforted by the smell of home – so please feel free to send along your pet’s bed, favourite blanket, or even your slipper! For your comfort, know that if nothing is sent, we will provide clean, dry blankets to make it just as comfy. We also recommend you send your dog’s food from home. It’s easier on their stomachs to have something they’re already used to.
(** Please note that despite the fact we take a detailed inventory of personal items at the time of arrival to our kennels, Waldenway Canine and Kitty Camp cannot assume responsibility for lost or damaged property as it was left at the owners’ risk. **)

What will my dog’s day look like at your camp?

Every doggy has access to their personal outdoor run from 7:30 am until 7:30 pm. Campers are capable of deciding if they’d like to be indoors or outdoors throughout their fun-filled day. On top of that, each camper is let out into one of our park-like yards for 20 minutes, four times a day, to run, sniff, and play. Meal times and feeding schedules here at Camp are entirely as you instruct us to make them. No request is too bizarre! For in-between meals, and free time out in the yard, know that every camper in our dog boarding and kenneling facility receives lots of love and attention throughout the day. Good meals, lots of love, exercise and all the fresh country air your pooch can handle…all day, every day.

Can my dog play with other dogs?

If your pooch is sociable, goes to doggy day camp or loves to interact with others, pair up is the option for your fur baby! During their yard times, your furry companion will be found a suitable play mate and given the chance to interact with new friends, daily.

My dog is on medication, will that be an issue?

Your pet’s health and comfort are important to us. If your beloved pet happens to be on medication, that is certainly no issue. From insulin to daily vitamins, and everything in between. We will administer any type of medication necessary, at no additional cost.

My dog is fed special food, will this have to change while at your kennel?

Nothing, ever, has to change while your beloved pet is camping with us. Our facility includes a fridge, freezer, and microwave for all of your pet’s special needs when it comes to feedings. Supply us with all of your pet’s necessities and we will ensure your pets have the comfort of home, away from home.

What vaccinations do you require?

For our doggy campers, we require every camper to be vaccinated with the Distemper/Parvovirus combo vaccination as well as the Rabies vaccination. Although we do not require, we highly recommend that all campers are vaccinated with the Bordetella vaccine, Lyme vaccine and are up to date with tick and heartworm prevention.

Our campers’ health and safety are our top priorities. Having your pet vaccinated helps us ensure the safety of your pet and our campers.

If I have multiple dogs, can they stay together?

Absolutely! Your furry pet family is more than welcome to bunk together.