Safety a Top Priority
at Waldenway

We take your pet’s safety very seriously. With our state-of-the-art facility and highly trained staff, we ensure your pet’s boarding experience is always safe and fun, so you have nothing to worry about while you’re away.

How Do We Keep Your Pets Safe?

Pet-Friendly Products

In our Waldenway facility, we are equipped with vet approved cleaners and disinfectants, diluted to an animal-friendly solution, to ensure our facility’s cleanliness and your pet’s health & safety. 

Cleanliness is Important to Us

Cleanliness comes hand in hand with health and safety at our facility. Waldenway is educated with cleaning routines using animal-friendly products ensuring your pet’s health and safety during their stay.

Finding a Furry Friend for your Pet

Socializing your pet is one of the many things we love to do at camp! Finding your pet a best friend can aid with anxiety and put your pet's mind at ease. When it comes to socializing, we find your pet a suitable playmate and ensure their safety.

Pet First Aid

As your pet’s health and safety come first, all of our staff are certified with the Pet First Aid course from St. John’s Ambulance.

On-Call Vet

At Waldenway we take your pet’s health seriously. With the help of Pet Vet, Clearspring Animal hospital and Bridgewater Veterinary Hospital, we can ensure we have a veterinarian team close-by for any veterinary-need and emergencies.


To protect all our campers, we require specific vaccinations prior to your pet’s stay with us. For our kitty campers, we require every camper is vaccinated with the FVRCPC vaccine as well as the Rabies vaccine. For our doggy campers, we require every camper to be vaccinated with the Distemper/Parvovirus combo vaccination as well as the Rabies vaccination. We strongly recommend vaccinating your dogs with the Bordetella vaccination for canine cough. These vaccines ensure the safety of your pet and our campers.