Safe Boarding for Pets with Disabilities or Medical Needs

At Waldenway Canine & Kitty Camp we welcome all types of pets, from wheelchair dogs to cats with diabetes. Our staff are all pet first aid trained and true animal lovers. It’s our goal to make your pet feel at home while you’re away and give you peace-of-mind with exceptional care and frequent updates during your pet’s kennel experience.

Conditions We’ve Worked With

Wheelchair Dogs

For our wheelchair campers, we are wheelchair accessible! From bunkhouses to fenced in yards, your wheelchaired companion is more than welcome here at Waldenway. 

As your pet’s health and safety come first, all of our staff are certified with the Pet First Aid course from St. John’s Ambulance. We also have veterinarian teams close-by for any emergencies. 

Special Feeding

At Waldenway, each camper has their very own personalized chart. With our personalized charts, we are able to take down any special feedings and medication instructions from you. Ensuring your furry loved one’s daily needs are met, just like at home! With the help of our two refrigerators, specifically meant for our campers, we can store any refrigerated foods and medication.

Diabetes & Medication 

From insulin to daily vitamins, and everything in between, we will ensure your pet receives their daily meds, at no additional cost. We take the health and safety of your beloved pet very seriously at Waldenway. With the help of our personalized charts, we’ll ensure you that your furry loved ones never miss a meal and/or medication dose. 


Having so many different personalities come through our doors, our staff at Waldenway have an abundance of experience working with pets who have anxiety and/or fear aggression. We are very patient and take our time when it comes to introducing ourselves to your beloved pet. Your pet’s mental comfort means so much to us, and we strive to obtain this while they’re in our care.

trees and lake

“A huge shout out to you for going the extra 1800 km round trip for taking care of Bobby’s emergency surgery trip to Saskatoon while we are away. Who does that?

Thank you Rob and to Kristina and the rest of the staff for making this happen!”

Rob Normandeau