Address: 33161 PR 210 West, Ste. Anne, MB.           Phone Number: 204-422-8344        Hour: 8 AM – 8 PM (7 days a week)

On the Menu

At Waldenway we know how important it is to stay hydrated, that’s why every dog and every kitty’s water dish is cleaned and refilled with fresh cold water FOUR times a day, so they can get back to their day, hydrated and ready to go.
(The one thing about this camp—our food is GOOD) Whether it’s to start the day off right or after a long day of playing hard and sniffing around, there is nothing better than a good hearty meal. Here at Waldenway we want your pet to enjoy their stay in every respect, that’s why we recommend you send along your pets food from home, we have all amenities to help serve up a feast, from a fridge and freezer to a microwave. So whether your pal is on a raw meat diet or your have individual containers of hamburger and rice or your kitty has some tuna to be kept cool — we can store it and serve it for you!! Send along your dry kibble in the original bag or in a container, no matter the size or shape we will make sure that everydoggy and everykitty get exactly what they are used to as many times a day as they are used to it at home.