Address: 33161 PR 210 West, Ste. Anne, MB.           Phone Number: 204-422-8344        Hour: 8 AM – 8 PM (7 days a week)


I just had my Giant Shnauzer, Casey, there last week and I so appreciate the great care your staff gave him! I was reading the comments they wrote in his daily play log and they were bang on! I didn’t mention lots of details about him when I dropped him off but they had comments in his daily play log that totally describe him! They noted that some days he would want to cuddle with them (and he does love cuddling) and how he loves nature walks, and sometimes he loves to fetch but sometimes not. They noted how if cuddling and you stop he will paw at you or nudge you for more. And they noted how he sits calmly on the weigh scale, which he really does do. So I know they did spend some good time with him which is so appreciated! Thanks again! He has been there 3 times in about 6 years and each time he pulls me into the building wagging (although he is always glad to come home too!) thanks again!