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Reagan & Mark Crichton & Baxter, Chevi, Hogan and Chopper

Rob and family and staff:

I just wanted to say thank you for the outstanding treatment of my “kids”, Baxter, Chevi, Hogan and Chopper, while they were at Waldenway. This was the first time we put them in a kennel as we were always very tentative due to their histories. Hogan is VERY leery of strangers (this was likely obvious) as he is a rescue from a violent reserve in Hobbema, AB. Hogan was caught and placed in a cat crate, unable to stand, and then put in the band office for a week before anyone thought to call the Animal Rescue Foundation in Calgary to come pick him up. Needless to say, at 7 months old (he is now 6yrs) Hogan was feral and unable to walk using his front legs as they had atrophied.

Hogan was initially taken to the vet to be put down but the vet decided against and now we have him but his fear of strangers, mostly men, will be forever. Baxter was also from an abusive home and when he had been hit by a car, they left him by the roadside to die (he was about 2 then so he is 9 yrs now). Chevi, being a heeler, was so hyper that when we got her from the Edmonton SPCA in December 2002, we were her ninth home (and she was only 7 ½ months old,l she is now 7yrs!). Chopper has no excuse; he was born in a foster home in Jamestown, ND in December 2008. His mom was rescued from a puppy mill, so other than a bucket load of worms and some mange, he is ridiculous by his own fault.

Anyhow, the reason for the history lesson on my dogs that when Bugsy had gone for a haircut the Wednesday prior, the people at St. Vital Vet had asked my dad about Waldenway and if he would give a recommendation. His answer was yes for Bugger (Bugsy) but he said he would wait and see how my “special needs” dogs did. I have to say that I would definitely recommend your facility and staff and we will definitely use you again when we are in Winnipeg (if you will take my crazy brood again….which also includes 2 cats but hopefully you will never have to experience the wrath of our Ajax!).

Thanks again to you, your family and your staff for the excellent handling of my family.